The bunker-gallery

Anything is possible in Berlin, no matter what. For example, that a bunker becomes the most “protected” art gallery in the world…

A 5-storey building with a surface area of 1.000 m², the nazis had the Reichsbahnbunker Friedrichstraße built during the war. It was bound to give shelter to the neighbouring civilians, threatened by the bombings. After the war, the soviets used it as a prison until the government of the GDR gave it a new use, in 1949: first as a warehouse for textile, later to store food (for this reason it was named “Bananenbunker” by the neighbours).

After the Wall fell in 1989, the bunker became a space for culture and leisure: theather performances, exhibits, … In the early ’90, its convertion into the “Ex-Kreuz-Club” made the place famous in all of Europe, until it was shut down in 1996. Finally, the Polish businessman and art collector Christian Boros bought the building, where the “Boros Collection” was opened in 2008. It displays some 500 pieces of art, an exhibition that can be visited on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (with previous registration, here).

The essential “touch of glam” is brought by the impressive penthouse where Boros and his family live.

Interviews with Christian Boros:

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