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About us was born from of a dream and a challenge at the same time, the dream and the challenge to show Berlin in-depth for those who have very few days to take it all in. For the very own residents of Germany’s fascinating capital,  24 hours in a day nor the 7 days in a week are enough to discover her completely so how will someone who is hardly going to spend 120 hours, possibly 96, maybe even less going to get to the core and take it all in and take back home with them the most realistic image possible? There´s only one way:  to the max and making use of your time as much as possible. will help you out here. Our role is not limited to showing you what is a “must“ in the capital, which is of course offered, but to go further and give you information about the past, the present and also inform you about future projects in this great European capital; about its cultural life, about the latest news, what really worries, excites and moves the city’s residents. won’t only explain what the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart” actually was, but also what they are currently doing at Schönefeld airport and what the plans for the area surrounding Museumsinsel are, from which the Hohenzollern ruled a long time ago.

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