About me

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I was born on a weekend in late summer, 28 years after Franco began his interminable rule. At a ripe young age I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: a truck driver. I was fascinated by the thought of long trips across borders and languages, of submerging myself in foreign cultures.

That plan never gained traction, so to speak. Sitting in those vehicles probably wasn’t for me, but my desire to learn other ways of living and thinking never abated. Having lived for a time in Ecuador and nearly a decade in Germany have contributed heavily to shaping my worldview, which has also been influenced by other travel and cultural exchanges with people from all over.

Travelling, exploring, discussing, understanding and explaining: It was meant to be that I ended up with a diploma in tourism and a degree in journalism. Apart from many years teaching English, these are the two axis at the center of my working life: hotel industry and culture culture on the one hand and, once settled in Berlin, communication—both radio and print —and Catalan-centered activism.

I also make—and have made—a lot of effort at promoting Catalan tourism and politics particularly with itineri.de, a project I started in 2011 in Berlin: Since that time I’ve accompanied hundreds of Catalan-speaking travelers as they discover Germany.