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As a journalist and keen traveler, I have an inevitable inclination to genealogy; after all, this discipline is akin to an exploration trip … to one’s own roots. During the research we meet people who lived in this planet before us, who helped shape it – and who definitely influenced on our family history and ultimately on ourselves. Geneaology is an extraordinary trip without a final destination but with many small stops – each of them more interesting than the previous one.

Genealogical research — in Spanish

There are boundless reasons for one to soak into their own family’s history. It can be pure curiosity or maybe the need to unveil an old “family legend” or so many others. Whichever the case, the research takes a lot of time … and patience. After all, there are many resources to examine, even if often they do not provide the expected information. At least not immediately. This is even more the case if one is doing research in a foreign language.

At this point I can definitely be of help to you, if you are doing research not only in Spain or in Spanish speaking regions, but also in European countries such as Germany, France or Italy, which main language and culture I know. Are you thinking about creating or extending your family tree, but you have problems because of the language? Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or through the form below.

Genealogy tourism

Discoveries in our family history are a wonderful reason to undertake a journey. Maybe we have found out the town or towns a certain ancestor lived in; maybe even the street, or the house; or we might have found information about a store they had, or a factory they worked at. We possibly know where they were buried. Would it not be great to see all these places with our own eyes?

As an experienced tourism professional, preparing tour programs is one of my strengths (and passions!). I am also a seasoned tour guide and have large experience as a trip organizer. Genealogy tourism is one of my specializations. Let us create a custom travel itinerary for you and know the places where your ancestors once lived!

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