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Genealogy | Genealogy tourism

genealogyAs a journalist, avid traveler, and experienced tour guide, I have been drawn to genealogy and genealogical tourism. To me, the process of discovering one’s roots is an invaluable journey. Those who embark on genealogical exploration find what has shaped their family and themselves. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to learn and grow that has no final destination.

My Specialty: Multilingual Genealogical Research

There are endless reasons to delve into one’s own family history. It may be curiosity or perhaps the need to unveil an old ‘family legend’.
Whatever the case, genealogical research takes time and patience. There are many resources to examine, with one resource often leading to more previously unknown resources. Falling down the rabbit hole of genealogy is not uncommon!

Genealogical research in a foreign language poses a unique set of challenges, especially when one is not fluent in the language. This is why I offer my multilingual skills and research expertise. With fluency in English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French and Italian, I will research your European family tree and genealogical information in original language documents. For information or proposals, email me anytime.

My passion: Genealogy Tourism

genealogyFor the ultimate experience in genealogy, there’s nothing that compares to visiting one’s roots! Genealogical investigation reveals not only family history, but can also provide information on home addresses, places of work, memberships, final place of rest and so much more. Wouldn’t it be great to see these places with your own eyes?

As an experienced tourism professional, I design customized travel itineraries based on genealogical research and serve as a personal interpreter and guide. I work with clients to create unique experiences filled with lifelong memories.

ℹ For information or proposals, feel free to e-mail me.

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