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History of a city

Cölln and Berlin in the 17th century (Berlin Journal). © J.M.F. Schmidt – Berlin Schropp, 1835. Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin –

Cölln and Berlin were originally two settlements on both banks of the river Spree. In the 13th century both city names were mentioned for the first time in a document (Cölln 1237, Berlin 1244). Their population and area grew gradually. In my Berlin Journal I explain the origins and the integration of Cölln and Berlin, the gradual incorporation of neighboring towns and finally the foundation of Groß-Berlins (Great Berlin) back in 1920.

This chapter also follows the evolution of the several city walls, from the medieval times to the 20th century. Among other information, the reader will discover which gates of the so-called Akzisemauer (Customs Wall) are still present in today’s Berlin.

Of course, the chapter does not forget the noble house of the Hohenzollern, that played a key role in the history of Germany and Europe for 500 years. A family tree shows all the rulers of this family between the 15th and the 20th centuries.

➡➡ Here you get to the next chapter: Walking through Berlin.

Wer die Vergangenheit nicht kennt, kann die Gegenwart nicht verstehen und die Zukunft nicht gestalten”
(They who do not know the past, cannot understand the present or build the future)
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