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Andorra: a country amid the Pyrenees

Escaldes-Esgordany from Engolasters. © Ferran Porta

After publishing “Diari de Berlín” (Berlin Journal), which I wrote in Catalan, in 2023 I finished my second book. Andorra: A Country Amid The Pyrenees” was intended for German readers and I wrote it in this languageDespite not having any family ties to Germany, I have always felt very close to German culture and language – even more so once I settled in Berlin in 2007.

As for Andorra, a neighboring country to Catalonia both geographically and culturally, it is a second home for me. My paternal grandparents lived there; trips to the country of the Pyrenees have always been part of my life.

The book is a tour of this beautiful little state located halfway between Barcelona and Toulouse, between the wild waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic climate of the Aran-valley.

The key questions about Andorra

“Andorra: a country in the Pyrenees” talks about history, culture and tourism. All three axes are related to each other and explain the Andorra of the 21st century. The starting point is more than 1000 years ago, in the time of Charlemagne. The “father of Europe” is also the founder of Andorra. Or so the legend says, at least. The Andorran anthem itself is dedicated to the historical figure.

Beyond the role of Charlemagne in the foundation of the country, what is truly remarkable in the history of Andorra is its ability to survive as an independent entity throughout the centuries, and to reach the present day as a modern and attractive state for its impressive heritage Nature, Romanesque and pre-Romanesque architecture, gastronomy and other areas define what Andorra is today and explain why discovering it thoroughly is a pleasure.


I thank Faber Andorra, an organization managed by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Andorra and the Ramon Llull Institute, for the opportunity to stay in the country for one month. The support of the ministry itself made it easier for me to carry out interviews and essential visits as documentation for the book.

And thank you also, from the bottom of my heart, to the people and institutions who gave me some of their time to help me delve deeper into the Andorra of yesterday and today. To all, thank you very much!

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