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Back in the ninetees I visited Berlin for the first time. Neither the checkpoints nor the Berlin Wall existed anymore — except for the many tiny pieces of the wall on display on shelves across the globe. However, traces of the division were still obvious and very present.

With the German reunification, both halves of Berlin had to learn to grow together, to live together again after decades of ignoring each other. Nontheless, or maybe exactly because of this, the city caused a strong gascination on me. I decided to live in Prenzlauer Berg — so my discovery of the German capital began in the former East Berlin.

The changing history of Berlin captivated me — just as much as its architecture with the pre-war buildings and the modern ones, that redesign the Berlin of the 21st century. Also the green side of the city mesmerized me: the many parks, woods, rivers and lakes with there UNESCO cultural landscape. for German — and English — speakers

My fascination for Berlin led me to found and to write my Berlin Journal. As a freelance journalist and also an expert in tourism I am available to German – and English – speaking professionals for collaboration in these two fields. I am open and eager for any professional suggestions.

I have experience as a political correspondent and also as a guide in Germany. And in Catalonia I accompany in turn German professionals and journalists. If you think there is a possibility of working together, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know about your idea. Feel free to use my e-mail or the form (both below).

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