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Cities that date back to Roman times – and earlier; traditions rooted in the very far past and world-renowned monuments. Also a fascinating, vibrant cultural landscape: art, architecture and heritage sites, excellent gastronomy … you name it. Europe is an amazing blend of cultures, and we can’t wait to welcome you here! opens the doors of the old continent for you

Our bet is Catalonia as a starting place for the discovery of Europe. Where else, being Spain among the three most visited countries in the world and Catalonia its undisputed top destination!

10 Reasons to Make Catalonia Your Next Travel Destination is about not just seeing but experiencing Europe. Let us unveil amazing places in our region and across the continent for you, and become a European for some days. 🇪🇺 E-mail us at for details!

Calella de Palafrugell on the Costa Brava

Barcelona and much more!

Millions of travelers from across the world visit Barcelona every year. The spectacular architecture of Antoni Gaudí, or the appealing fusion of culture and gastronomy, are just a couple among many reasons to visit the city.

Festivals and Typical Traditions of Catalonia That Will Surprise You

These very same reasons make the discovery of Catalonia a must. For the melting-pot region offers a fabulous combination of natural spaces, world-renowned gastronomy and breathtaking monuments, all wrapped in a centuries-long history. Traditions like the breathtaking human towers leave both locals and visitors speechless. Also Sant Jordi, a massive celebration that every April 23 literally covers Catalonia with books and roses. ❤️

See and do across Catalonia

We are based in the Costa Brava but are eager to show you across Catalonia – and beyond. Join us on a quick trip throughtout the region!

Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees

This amazing region bordering France comprehends both the northern stretch of the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia and the easternmost part of the Pyrenees mountain range. The 140 miles of the so-called “Catalan Pyrenees” stretch between the sea and the Aran-Valley. You can hike in extinct volcanoes, visit stunning medieval and fishing towns, enjoy the coves and beaches, and unrivalled natural areas. On top of that, the Costa Brava is one of the finest cultural and gastronomic destinations in all of Europe!

Hiking Along the Volcanoes of Catalonia

You will also love the region’s capital, Girona, with one of the best well-preserved jewish quarters in Europe. Literally! Also the iconic colorful houses on the river Onyar, the romanesque in the church Sant Pere de Galligants and the gothic in Sant Feliu. The wall of Roman origins, that borders the old town, offers unique views. So many fascinating places to see in the Costa Brava and the whole Girona region!


This is a must-destination for wine lovers, a region where two designations of origin (abbr. D.O. both in Catalan and Spanish) coexist. While the wines of D.O. Montsant are in general somewhat fresher and have a more marked fruit backround, those of D.O. Priorat are more mineral and concentrated.

The 12 Catalan Designations of Origin

The history of the wine making in Priorat looks back to the 12th century, with its origins in the Carthusian monastery of Escaladei. You will love to visit this place with centuries of history, and to see the picturesque towns across this wonderful wine region. One of them, by the way, is popularly known as “The New York of Priorat”. Here is why. 🙂

By the way, also olive oil of the best quality is produced in Priorat so wine olive oil tastings belong to a visit there. The region is also very popular for hiking and trekking.

Where else in Catalonia?

You will find the most exciting places to visit and the funniest activities to do all across Catalonia. A valley full of stunning romanesque churches dating from the 11th/12th centuries; over 350 miles of coast with wonderful towns and beaches; stunning architecture, museums and cultural centers; one of the largest amusement parks in Europe … you name it. No stress though: we have all the information for you!

The church Sant Climent de Taüll is one of the most important jewels of the Catalan Romanesque


The barely 180 sq mi country in the Pyrenees is definitely worth a visit. Surrounded by peaks of up to 10,000 ft, Andorra is home to an astonishing landscape – and 40 riveting romanic churches. A real outdoor museum that offers also excellent gastronomy, art and stores for all tastes and lifestyles. (To be continued – stay tuned!) 📡

We know what American visitors enjoy about the old continent, we are your advisors in and about Europe. Get ready for history, excellent gastronomy and much more!

Our goal is that you discover as many hidden gems as possible, mainly in our region but also in the rest of Spain and Europe. And also, that no language barrier makes your trip to multilingual Europe complicated. E-mail us for information: We look forward to hearing from you!

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