Journalist with a degree in Tourism

Hi, my name is Ferran Porta. As a journalist with a degree in tourism, I have worked as a correspondent 🎙 and in institutional communication, as well as a tourism entrepreneur, among others.

My services as a journalist …

Communication is for a company the be-all and end-all – but it must be effective. In Journalism you will delve into my professional experience; and you will learn in what way I can be of assistance to you with my two mother tongues. Webseite or Blog, social network, Newsletter, … let us talk about your needs!

… and in the field of tourism

In 2011 I founded, a company for guided tours in Germany. At the same time I entered into the area of tourist promotion. To publicize the highlights of tourist destinations as well as to organize programms for tourist visits are two of my core competencies. One of my two mother tongues – the world language Spanish – plays a key role both for English speaking companies and for tourists. Go to Tourism and find out how we can cooperate.


As an author and tourism expert — or vice versa

My personal travel journal 📚 Berlin Journal came about at the intersection of communication and tourism. As for my current literary project, Andorra — Ein Land inmitten der Pyrenäen, it introduces the country in the Pyrenees to German readers. I must admit: I love to write – and I am passionate about many subjects. Should you need a committed editor or blogger, then I might be your right contact.

Investigation journalism and genealogy tourism

The research for my own family tree raised my passion for Genealogy. Now this historical auxiliary science belongs to my specialized fields. Take a look at Genealogy and see to what extent I can be of help for your own research – especially if your ancestors were in Spanish speaking countries.

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