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International Headlines

Once upon a time, TV3 broadcast the news program International Headlines every summer. Catalans of a certain age may remember it, just like some of the European tourists who used to stay in Catalonia before the Olympics probably also remember it. International Headlines brought the most important information of the day to foreign visitors – in their own language. The format was as novel as it was essential, at a time when the internet was not even dreamed of. It was the eighties! How many options did tourists then have to inform themselves in their language? Not many.

In the first years, International Headlines was broadcast in English, French and German – and had a single anchor! The journalist Fina Brunet jumped from language to language without problem, like this edition of August 1986 shows. When Italian and Dutch were later added to the original languages, the network decided to have an anchor for each language.

In times of enormous television and communication grayness, a recognition of a remarkable initiative.

PS: These and other shows were originally videotaped by me. In recent times I digitized the sixty Betamax and VHS tapes I have always kept.

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