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A life in Dosrius

The journey through the genealogy of my family takes me on this occasion to Dosrius. No, I do not plan to settle in the region Maresme. The title refers to the bond that connects my family with this town, a connection that comes from afar. It started back in 1926, when my great-grandparents Jaume Aguilà and Carmen Bruix bought a rural estate there – including the farmhouse in the picture.

A house with a long history

The origins of Can Vallmajor go back to the 12th century, to the year 1143 to be precise. Back then, the house was mentioned in the will of a certain Joan Vallmajor. The current building, however, dates from the 16th century as an inscription on the façade reveals. The picture shows the house at the time when my great-grandparents bought it – and before some refurbishment was done. The dovecote was removed and a pergola was built in the garden. All around the house was farmland for decades. It wasn’t until the 1960s that my grandparents had a tennis court built to the right of the house. Tennis was (and still is) my family’s national sport.

The Vallmajor owned the estate for more than 700 years. In 1920, Joaquim Vallmajor sold it to Juan Torrejoncillo, who in turn resold it to my great-grandparents six years later. Up until the turn of the century, the Aguilà spent a lot of time there with family and friends. We didn’t live in Dosrius – but almost!

Can Vallmajor in the 21st century

Today the place is unrecognizable. The farmland surrounding the house has been replaced by single-family homes, which have fundamentally changed the appearance of the place. Although the current owners no longer use the farmhouse, Can Vallmajor resists – and thousands of wonderful family memories live on.

The already mentioned connection with Dosrius still exists. With the exception of the house and the surrounding property, the rest of the estate remains in my family’s possession. The forests include idyllic places like the “Sot Fountain” (Font del Sot), an emblematic place for the inhabitants of Dosrius and for all nature lovers. It is easy to reach from the town center. And the family bond is also preserved because my cousins ​​Picanyol ​​still live in Dosrius.


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